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HughesNet Gen 5: Satellite Internet Reinvented

HughesNet® Gen5 is the 5th generation of satellite Internet from Hughes and is unlike any other Internet service you have experienced. With HughesNet Gen5, the satellite technology has been transformed into a faster, stronger, and more reliable service. HughesNet Gen 5 brings customers more of everything they want: faster speeds of 25 Mbps in every plan, up to 50 GB data, and built-in Wi-Fi. Best of all, HughesNet Gen 5 service is available anywhere and everywhere in the U.S.

The Right Plans

HughesNet has just the right plan for your lifestyle. Whether you are a casual Internet user or like to remain connected, HughesNet can tailor a plan for you!


New Features You Will Love

The new HughesNet is chock full of new features you will love like built-in WiFi, data compression, and more!


The Data You Need

Enjoy everything you love online with HughesNet's robust data packages. From connecting to social media to streaming video, our data packages let you do it all!


What Can You Do with HughesNet Gen 5? Everything.

  • Visit your favorite stores online
  • Study online with ease
  • Stay connected by sharing pictures, videos, and memories
  • Stream videos and download music faster
  • Do more banking, pay bills, and plan travel with ease
  • Keep up to date with local weather, news and events in your community

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